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1921681254 IP address

The IP address is a unique number is given to each device on the internet which is assigned by the router. Each device on the internal network receives a unique IP address, which ensures that the incoming data is sent to the correct device and correct location.

The router is assigned two IP address Privet or Public. The Privet IP addre3ss is used for the communication to the Local Area Network. The public IP address is used for connecting the public network such as worldwide internet. The Internet Service Provider assigns the public IP address for the home router. The privet IP address mange by the network administrator. Mostly the routers use the default IP address if you don't change it. This default IP address will be found in the router's documentation.

If you want to change your WiFi setting but you forgot default router detail then first you need to find correct detail of your router. You need to pick the router IP address to get into it. Once you know the router IP address and you want to change the router administrative setting you should know the router login detail means username and password. Any router has its default username and password. To know the modem default username or password you need to read the instruction manual carefully. Mostly the manufacturing company printed Username & Password on the bottom or backside of the router. Alternatively, you can find the default router username and password for any router using this default router username and password list.

Normally you can find the information about the router by entering the "ipconfig" into the Windows command prompt. The address you want should be next to Default Gateway under your Local area network connection. The IP address starts with 192.168.X. X will vary with the different number it may be 1/1.1/0.1 and more. On the Mac window, the information can easily found under network option and the terminal. In this article, we will provide the list of the popular router brand and their default IP address.

List of Some Popular Default Routers IP address:

2Wire:- Wireless:- King:- Networks: Robotics:- :-

Once you know your router IP address and its login detail, you will be able to change the administrative setting or username and password. But don't forget the username note it somewhere.

Find Router IP address Manually:

To find the router IP address manually follow the below steps:

Click on the start button of your computer or laptop.Type cmd at the text box, which is on the bottom of the start menu.Click on the cmd.exe.In the Windows command prompt search for the Default Gateway.This is your internal routes IP address

To find the External IP address of your router you can visit a website that reports it back to you.

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